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About Us

How Skyline Bridges Was Started

                                                             A note from Owner, Bernie Kirkvliet
I have been in the landscape trade for over 35 years and  from time to time I would use a bridge on one of my jobs. I wasn't particular about what kind of bridge it was, as long as it looked nice and it was safe. In 1999 I started to build more ponds, streams and waterfalls. While I didn't use a bridge on every job, I found that I was using a bridge much more often than before. The more I would spec out a bridge the more selective I became.

In general, flat bridges become boring unless they were suspension bridges. Suspension bridges are great for lakes, rivers, or on a very large job, but not for creek size streams and ponds. I noticed that wooden bridges looks great but had to be thick to accommodate the weight and span they were designed for. The longer the span, the thicker the bridge. Even an arched wood bridge had to be thick.  It was not unusual to have a bridge 7 to 12 inches thick, severely restricting the view of the waterfalls or fish beneath the bridge. I started thinking how much more I could see and enjoy the water feature if the bridge was thinner. I decided to build an arched Bridge out of steel. I used 1x6 redwood for the decking and it turned out great. Not only was it strong and aesthetically pleasing, it was only 2 1/2 inches total thickness which would enhance the viewing.

The next step was to make it as low maintenance as possible. I decided to use TRex as the decking material. While we can make it out of any wood desired, TRex is a low maintenance material. Steel was preferred for the frame because of its strength, it doesn't rot, shrink or give you splinters, but it can rust so we offer powder coating or paint, so it too is low maintenance. We also offer railings to make each bridge uniquely yours.

Finally I am satisfied with the bridge that meets my expectations, strength, durability and style at the same time giving us versatility, easy installation, low maintenance and maximum visibility. With the choices of materials, colors and railings we can make each bridge individualized for every need.

About Skyline Bridges


Skyline Bridges, a division of Skyline Landscaping, Inc., has been in business for 30 years and has become the premier waterscape builder in Southern California.

We specialize in beautiful and natural looking waterfalls, streams and ponds. As well, we now offer the new "Pondless" waterfeature. If you'd like to have one of our DVDs titled "Create a Paradise", just stop by our Blue Jay office and we'll be happy to give you one, gratis.

The owner of Skyline Ponds, Bernie Kerkvliet, has a B.S. degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Cal Poly Pomona and has won numerous awards for landscaping design including blue ribbon honors and best in show. He also teaches part-time at Cal State San Bernardino, as well as teaching at the annual International Search and Rescue convention.